When a priest finds a ravishing and irresistibly beautiful young woman lying wounded on the side of the road, he brings her to his small town and community.

The young woman soon has enchanted all the single men in the little town. A small group of old friends start dating the young woman and ignores all the town gossip.

The times passes and the men are all spellbound and blinded by the woman as she begins to take advantage of them all. The woman seduces them of all their property and belongings.

One nights the men gather and confronts the woman, but she’s now mean and cold. She denigrates and laughs at them. The priest have a heart attack and she runs away. They chase her trough the woods. The sheriff doesn`t see her crossing the road and runs her over.


The woman is killed instantly. The group of friends decides to burn and bury her dead body.

A year later on the same night, mysterious accidents start to happen in the little peaceful town of northern Maine.